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How to get started

Setup in 1 Minute


Write 'Hello' to our WhatsApp Bot

Text 'Hello' to the Summarize.One WhatsApp Bot
+49 176 88215976 or CLICK HERE


Send a Voice Message

Send or forward a voice message to the Summarize.One WhatsApp Bot. It's as simple as that.


Get the Summary

Within seconds, you'll receive a concise summary of your voice note.

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But why?
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Read voice notes. Quietly.


The most polite way to answer your friends' voice messages during "important" meetings or while being in the library to study. Even at a concert where it's too loud to understand anything anyways.

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Summarize yourself.


Braindumps, long car drives alone or you just really love to talk to someone that really listens? We got you. Everything you said neatly summarized, also weeks later so you won't miss out on anything.

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Don't forget what your friend said.


Tired of listening 3 times to your friend's voice message because you forgot what they said? We just give you the most important information in a fraction of the time. No hurt feelings or misunderstandings anymore.

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Know before you listen.


Imagine a word where you would just directly read the content of a voice message - and neatly summarized? We'll just give you the juicy bits in a fraction of the time.

How it works

New Voice Message. Summarized.

👉🏼 Forward any (voice) message to the Summarize.One WhatsApp-Chat and get a summary back instantly. You can also create voice notes directly in the chat. Send a message to our WhatsApp Bot: +49 176 88215976

🚀 With our pro version, no forwarding of messages is required and you receive summaries privately or directly in the chat withing seconds.

⚙️ For customization, just use our Web-Tool to enable/disable summaries for certain voice-/text message lengths, enable private summaries or enable to print whole transcriptions.

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5 Voice-/Text Summaries/mo

Adjust summarization length 🧵

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Summarize Memos to yourself 🎤

Forwarding of messages required ➡️

No chat data is saved 🔒


€ 3.79/mo (1 coffee)

← Everything in FREE, but

Unlimited Voice-/Text Summaries

Transcriptions (Word-by-Word)

Bullet-point Summaries


€ 5.99/mo

← Everything in PLUS, but

🪄 Fully Automatic Summary of EVERY new Voice Message (no forwarding necessary)

Posted directly in chat or private

Black-/Whitelist for Contacts

Soon: Summarize whole chats

No Watermark

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Privacy is our number one priority. Summarize.One is 100% compliant with European data regulations

We take privacy seriously and are highly commited to only store & process data that is absolutely necessary. And because our servers are located in the EU, you can rest assured that your data is handled in line with the strictest privacy and security regulations.


Any Questions? Answered.

Most common questions. You have a question which is not visible here? Join our Discord Server or write a mail

Right now we support WhatsApp. We plan to add support for Telegram, Facebook and Signal soon.

Summaries are generated based on what is recognized from voice messages. Difficult-to-understand voice messages may be misrecognized. Further do languages other than English for now have a higher rate of error. We are working constantly to improve.

Yes you can! You just need to create voice messages directly in the Summarize.One-Whatsapp Chat.

Summarize.One can convert your WhatsApp Voice Message to text. For this we give you the content neatly transcribed, and optionally also transcribe the content for you. To use this, you have to either forward the voice message to our bot or use the PRO-plan automatic summaries feature.

The security of your data is our number one priority. We encrypt all communications where possible and do not safe any chat data in any way nor do our partners beyond legal requirements. The only data we safe is the absolute necessary to provice you with our service. We are fully compliant with the GDPR and DSGVO.

Yes you can - soon! We are working hard to bring out support for group chats. We are also working on a feature to summarize whole chats between two time periods (including voice memos!)

For now we support theoretically over 100 languages. Languages other than English, German, Spanish, French, Italien are prone to higher error rates at the moment. We are working constantly to improve.

To transcribe your WhatsApp voice messages, you have to either forward the voice message to our bot or use the PRO-plan's automatic summaries feature and enable this specific feature in the options.

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Affected by deafness & hearing loss? We feel you.

Because it`s already hard enough. We pledge to offer Summarize.One to those that are affected by deafness & hearing loss for free. If you feel addressed or know someone who could benefit from out program, write us at [email protected] with a valid proof and we will provide you with a PRO account free of cost.

It only takes 30 seconds to get started.

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